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We turn a concert into a spectacle. We transform a wedding into a celebration. We elevate an exhibition to art. We make an ephemeral event the forever memory for you and for your guests.


We are an energetic and professional team who specializes in special effects and decorative installations for concerts, TV shows, theatrical performances, exhibitions, galas, weddings and ceremonies, window displays, seasonal decorations, and all kinds of festive occasions.


We speak art, technology, and law. We work with artists, event planners, and venue managers. We work with engineers, programmers, and builders. We also work with regulators (which, we bet, you don’t want to deal with alone).


With our experience and expertise in specialty pyrotechnics, stage effects, custom-designed props, and art installations, we provide tailored solutions to bring your ideas to life, delight your guests, and make every moment of your one-of-a-kind occasion a pleasant surprise.


Let’s talk about your dreams and how we can deliver them.

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